Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas with the Liskai Family

Christmas came a little early on the Liskai side.  We celebrated the weekend before Christmas and had a WONDERFUL time.
Here is the annual attempt at getting all the grandkids by the fireplace...they are gonna need a bigger fireplace soon!

In order: Tyler, Cora, Alex, Mason, Addison, and Dillon
Addi got to enjoy opening her first gifts ever!

While Mason was like an old pro!

Mason's favorite thing of course was getting GORDON the train whom he begged and begged Santa for!

and Addi liked everything but is currently a lil BABY DOLL crazy...

Yup two at once!
And here are some more just bc well my kids are cute!!!

and another...


under foot as always...haha...

and getting mommy back with his OWN camera!

What a great time with family!

Preparing for the Holidays...

We spent some fun time preparing for our first Christmas as a family of FOUR.  It was both fun and challenging to celebrate with TWO children this year!

The kids loved cutting down then putting up and decorating the tree.  We ended up with a sort of puny one...but hey thats what happens when you cut your the DARK!!!!

Addi actually slept through most of the putting up...but Mason did help some!

Mason got an extra special Christmas treat.  Mommy and Daddy took him on the Polar Express!
He had a really good time despite the late hour and somewhat cheesy/lameness of the whole thing (not lame to him).  It was precious to see how excited he got!

His lil face just lit up watching the North Pole go by outside the train window!

The kids also got to take a trip to the Hayes center to see the Holiday Train Exhibit.  Of course Mason loved it, but Addi really did too!  There were lots of buttons to push to make the trains go and other things move.
Sorry can't get pix to load right now!

We also got to enjoy a party at the Williams' home with all three families and kids, grandkids...etc;
Santa even made an appearance!

What a great way to welcome the holidays!