Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mason...not so much a fish out of water haha...

A few weeks ago Mason started taking swim lessons at the local YMCA.  While he LOVES them and talks about them constantly he is definitely scared during lessons, on multiple occasions.  Mason is the youngest in his class by 6 mos to 1 year so I am proud of every little step forward he takes!  At first he was scared to even sit on the edge of the pool, but now after lesson 4 he is swimming all the way from one side to the other (with a swim belt and a lil help from the teacher of course!)
The other kids were quite comfy with the water...while Mase held on for dear life hahaha...
Now here just 2 weeks later...look how happy he is!!!

And one more week later...swimming on his own across the pool!  Ms. Tammy (swim teacher) is showing him how to paddle like a puppy haha.
And preparing to jump into the water!
And doing his favorite thing...blowing bubbles in the water!
I didn't take the camera to this last lesson, but I should have!  Mason went off a diving board...ok well sort of haha.  One instructor held him and kinda dropped him off the board while the other waited in the water for him haha.  He was scared but still did it!  I am so proud of him!!!

Some fun with spring pictures...

Mommy took these fun spring pictures!
A tie on a bike?  Why not??
Pretty little girl....
Another sweet shot of our little lady...
What a goof!
FYI...Mason plus hats = FUN!!!
Seriously he LOVED the hats...
We are blessed to have such cute kids haha...
That above is one of my fav pix of them.  I know you can't see their faces but it shows the joy they find playing together!
Such a sweet lil lady!
And the two having tea...who says tea parties are just for girls?!?!
Again the hats are what made it fun!
And one final, just because they are so cute together!
Thanks to my friend Melisa for letting me take pictures at HER photo shoot of my kiddos!  Will have copies of her pix of the kids to share soon.  She took some REALLY cute ones!!!
Thanks for checkin em out!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Addi's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Addison's 1st Birthday Party with a nice party at Grandma and Grandpa Liskai's house the weekend after her official Bday.
Here is the Birthday Girl herself in her home-made bday duds...
She was not about to let go of her pasta spoon (or as we will call it, her Magic Wand!)
Just too cute not to share another...
Getting down to business....what I assume you all wanna see...Addi's first cake...er...cupcake!
Not too sure what to do at first..."uh...Ma?  what is this stuff???"
Though, it did NOT take long for her to figure it out....
...and went to town!!!
hehe...sorry she was SOOO into eating the cupcake we had to give her another!!! 
She is SOOOO my daughter!  LOVING the chocolate!
Then Mommy had to hose her down in the tub (only part of the day she did NOT like haha, though she loves baths...) and then we went on to opening gifts.  She was totally spoiled of course as a birthday princess should be!
Thank you to everyone for making her day so special!!!

Our tiny lil lady is ONE!

I can't believe it.  Our teeny tiny little SIXTEEN pound baby girl is ONE!!!
Addi had a FANTASTIC birthday :)  She was spoiled by all of course and was blessed to see lots of her friends and family on her special day!

We started the celebrating with a trip to Imagination Station (or Toledo COSI) with Grandma Kopp.

Addi and Mason both had a blast (so did mommy and grandma hahah...)
Addi's favorite place was inside this little submarine haha...

They really did have a blast, can't wait to take them again!
Strong boy!!!!
Then we had a WONDERFUL Birthday Party at Grandma and Grandpa Liskai's (thank you again for hosting!  Our house is much too small for an indoor party!).

See next post for pix!