Sunday, June 6, 2010

THOMAS...yea again!

We had our 3rd "annual" trip to visit with and ride Thomas the train in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  Met up with Grandpa and our friends Toni, Bill and their kiddos Mykaela and Bryce!  Had a great time and for the first time (for us) it didn't rain!  But it was HOTT!!!

Addi checkin out a train table (without Mason pushing her away!)
Mason's turn...
Addi and Grandpa found the coloring!
More trains for Mase!
and more!!!
addi being cute...
Mommy and Addi (thanks random stranger for taking this for us!)
Fun with big red balls...
almost train time...
The three big kids ringing the bell..
he was GLUED to the window...
addi not so much...she was EVERYWHERE!
all 3of us!
the TRAIN of the hour...
Mason loved it of course and the rest of us had a blast too!

More recent pix...

My cutie pies...
ok won't lie always more of addi...she moves slower HAHAH...
are you sick of seeing her yet??
what you want more? many do you want?
One more?
don't worry i catch mason now and then!
not often enough tho!
you never know what you will get with these 2!
they sure are cute aren't they??  heheh.... yup im a proud mommy!