Friday, January 22, 2010

Watch out world!....

Addi is growing up so quickly!  Her first birthday is just around the corner, and we can hardly believe it!

She is already trying to take pictures like her mommy!
On Wednesday night she shocked mommy by actually taking 3 very wobbly and cautious steps!
I can't believe my tiny little baby is trying to walk already!

On Thursday she upped it to 8 steps one time!

At this rate she will be running by her birthday! out world!
Mason loves to help her "walk"...

It's really cute but I think he wears her out!  They do laps around the house!
And just another one of Mase because well he is so cute!

Snow bunnies!

Hello family and friends!  We have been busy busy just getting through the days in our crazy home!
The kids keep us very busy and Matt is always busy with work and just got back from another nearly week long trip out of state!
The kids finally got to enjoy some playtime in the snow once the weather warmed a little!

Mommy tugged them around in the sled...

Then Mason wanted to pull Addi...

He was dragging her lil body into the snow haha...

They both seemed to like it, tho Addi would not let go of her binky, maybe it kept her warm??

I would have loved to have taken them down a real hill (a small one) on the sled, but this was enough effort for one day!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas with the Kopp family

Finally the morning after Christmas (after being up most of the night with a very sick Mason...) we all piled into the car (which is getting to be much to small for 4 of us!) and headed to Canton.
We spent some time visiting and catching up.

Then of course got to business opening gifts!
Addi says mmmm toys taste good!

and yes they are laughing at her static hair hahaha.... this is what happens when you cant use dryer sheets in your kids laundry...they become statically charged hahah!

Daddy and Addi

The kids were TOTALLY spoiled...especially Mason by Grandpa...he got a BIG surprise gift that he went NUTS for...

oh boy...

good thing we got a train table but it will take up most of it!  haha not much room for tracks!
addi just loved all the attention!

We had a great time and really enjoyed taking a trip to visit Great Grandma the next afternoon.  She loved snuggling up to Addi and Mason and she is simply a funny and happy.
We had a wonderful holiday season.  Thank you to who wants to come help me clean out old toys so I can find room for all this new stuff!!!!!  Or just get me a new house, that would work too!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas at Home 2009

Christmas Eve we chose to stay in and just enjoy our time with each other.  The kids put on their matching holiday jammies and I read them the Night Before Christmas.

Mason put out milk and cookies for Santa and got to stay up a little late.

Then of course Mommy and Daddy got to work playing Santa, Matt building the train table and Steph filling the stockings and arranging the gifts.  (We both contributed to eating the cookies/drinking the milk haha).

Christmas morning Mason came racing into our bedroom demanding we go downstairs NOW.  Haha.  He is not a BIG reaction kind of kid, but it was cute to see his face.  He came down the stairs and said "OH!  A train table!"  and went right to it and began to play. 

The kids opened their stockings and both seemed quite please with their loot.

Then we started in on gifts, and both still needed a little help in tearing things open

but Mason is becoming quite the opener haha.

We then spent the morning enjoying the gifts before heading off to Matt's Aunts house to visit with family.
Here is a cute one from Christmas Eve that I just had to share!