Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 16-22

This week was back to normal in the Liskai homestead.  Monday we did our typical Library and Grocery runs, Tuesday and Wednesday Jenna was with us.  The kids learned about the letter L...
here they are putting fall leaves on trees with sponge painting...

Thursday night I got to go home to see New Moon with some friends from highschool!  We had a nice time catching up and enjoying the movie!

Saturday morning the kids and I headed to Bowling Green to enjoy their Holiday Parade... We met up with some other moms from the Northwest Ohio Moms Group and had a lot of fun.  Mason and his buddy Kevin (who is a year older and I swear a full foot taller!) had fun running out for candy and checking out the floats.

Here they are enjoying their breakfasts haha.

Kevin is a big brother in his own family haha...can you tell?  They were so cute together!
Addi watched from where else but Mom's arms!  She REALLY liked the bands with loud drums (really!) and was not scared at all of the loud sirens from firetrucks or the revving of motorcycles!  I'd like to think what she loved most was the twirlers :) haha...a mom can hope right?

Eventually Mason was tired of chasing candy and enjoyed the view from his blanket hahaha...
Sunday I get to have a little more GIRL time (loving it two times in one week!).  Joining some other moms for manicures and coffee in the afternoon!

We are all very excited to spend Thanksgiving with our families this week!  I am sure there will lots of pictures to share after all the festivities!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas is coming!

Sorry no pix for this post (I know you are sad...).  Hopefully will get some this next week!

We have been asked about a million times for Christmas Lists for here ya go! is what WE will probably get the kids (so don't get this stuff!) hahah.

Pre Christmas gift: FP Little People Nativity Scene

Mason - Train table, V Motion Video Game System, Leap Frog Fridge Word Jammer, and small stocking stuff.
Addison - FP walker/baby stroller combo, Violet the learning pup, a couple small things (not sure yet have to go looking!).

And here are LOTS of ideas (you can get them whatever you want!)

Games: Hungry hungry hippos, Uno Moo, Cranium Hulabaloo
V Motion games: (we will probably get him ONE...will post it when we get it!) Cars, Little Einsteins, Racing, ...WE ALREADY GOT HIM THOMAS AND KUNG FU PANDA.
Pretend Toys: Fisher Price 2 in 1 learning Cash Register, Imaginex Dinosaurs, Matchboxes, Remote control toy, All in one learning desk by Fisher Price
Active Toys: Nerf stuff (for younger ages with big pieces ---so he doesn't loose them...especially in Addi's mouth!), any sports stuff
Movies: Veggie Tales the Pirates who don't do anything, Chicken Little, Over the Hedge, Bolt
Clothes: 3T pants, Ohio State clothes, hats, belts

and of course...Thomas Wooden Railway things
Trains: Emily, The Narrow Gauge gift pack (I think has 4 trains...Skarlooey, Rheneas, Rusty, and Duncan maybe?), Rocky the crane, etc; ask if you see one and duno if he has it!
Cars: Troublesome Trucks, Express Coaches...etc;
Accessories (these are between 20-50 bucks!): Bridges, Tunnels, Railroad crossings/signals, track risers, etc;

Clothes: 12 mos stuff (we have a LOT of 6-9 now which is what she is mostly wearing...tho some falls off her skinny self!), size 3 or 4 shoes
Learning toys: Love FP stuff Piggy Bank, Pots/Pans, Touch/Feel flash cards (can't remember where I saw them...VERY kool), Leapfrog Fridge Animal Match game
Books: board (or any other sturdy...this girl is a chewer!) books with flaps to lift and touch/feel sections
Active Toys: a new outdoor baby swing (the big plastic ones...), Crayola Beginnings Line (Drop and See, Slide and See, Pop and See, Rainbow Tower)
....she is a little harder, get whatever you see that is cute, and possibly girly for 9 mos and up or 12 mos and up.  All our toys are very gender neutral or boyish from Mase!  Seriously Addi is happy with the lil subscription cards that fall out of magazines and fluff from a ripped pillow!

If you want I will try to get a small list of stuff for Matt and I.  We don't NEED anything really.  But like every other human we have our WANTS!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

FIrst week of November!

Hello family and friends :)  Can you believe it's November already?  The holidays will be here before you know it!  We had a great week!  Mostly just hanging out at home and getting some errands done.  Saturday we went to the Groweg's annual chili cookout and hayride.  Had a lot of fun, but bad mommy I did not take any pictures!  We were a little busy with our two munchkins!
Sunday I went to lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse and to see TranSiberian Orchestra with Judy, Sara, Kim, Kelly, Jane, Carol, and Linda (sorry if I missed someone!).  We had a nice time and the show was WONDERFUL!  Fantastic music, a ton of energy, and really great effects!

This week Lil Ms. Addi has started to learn to drink from her sippy cup!  Its a nuby (thanks to the suggestion from my moms group to try that brand!) and she holds it herself and will take tiny sips.  Of course she much prefer to use it as a teething toy!

While trying to capture the above moment both kids were being very cute and camera friendly so I took a few more!
Love the next one I made black n white...
Both kids...smiling and cooperating?  WHAT??!?!
and again...
Nothing like two happy kiddos!
And Mase and mommy being silly...
We actually have no major plans for the upcoming week can you believe it?  It's probably the last time for a LONG time!  Hoping to start my Christmas shopping this weekend!

Oh and fun Steph updates...I coloured my hair dark again.  Ya know its fall so I have to!  No tan = blonde washes me out!

And my diet and exercise plan are going well, I lost 3 pounds last week!

Matt is busier than ever working ground and helping out farmers!  This man works TOO hard!

Family...please send us ideas for Christmas gifts for the kiddos!  We will be posting a wish list for the kids very soon!  If you can't wait then shoot me an email!

OH!  And I am FINALLY getting a new computer!  Can't wait!  Gotta find a good deal first!

Love and hugs...
Matt, Steph, Mason, and Addi

Monday, November 2, 2009

Kid professional mom's editing

Took kids to get photos taken (finally!)  Mason was scared to death, duno why.  Addi was a lil super model.  Fun times!

I messed with the above picture a LOT... but its cute now i think!

doesn't he look terrified???

the good shot of the two of them that everyone will be getting!  its the best we could get!
Addi LOVED the attention...
one of if not my all time fave!
took a LOT of work to get ok looking....
In her tutu of course!
lil ms. sweet and innocent (haha she fooled you all!) we got a BIG one of this!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Events!

We had a really great time celebrating Halloween with TWO kids this year!
Here are some pix from other fun events we had!
Kiera's 2nd bday/costume party...
Mason as Thomas

Mommy and Addi (both winged somethings?)

More of Addi...
Us girls again...
Mason playing with kitty Tora
Uh oh...boy with gun!

Thanks Pop Kopp for the great pix!

My mom's group had a small Halloween party for the kids, here they are lined up in costume!

And the grand finale of trick or treat!  We took this picture AFTER an hour of trick or treating in 45 degree cold!!!

This last picture says it all....what a great end to an exciting but EXHAUSTING October!