Sunday, May 2, 2010

Knitting projects

Here are just a few of my recent projects...hope to get pix of some of the others up soon!
Addi sporting the pom pom the Abby Cadabby haha
Not on her...
Mason lovin his "Bomber" hat
What a goof...
Addi's knitted leggies...
Not on her...
"Faux" Crochet hat (because its knitted haha)
Sorry it about blends in with the carpet!  Will have to get pix of Addi wearing it...its BEYOND cute on!
This pix doesn't do this lil bag justice...its SO cute!  Probably my fav project so far.  Pattern does not call for a handle, but I am gonna make one!

My first scarf.  Just a simple garter stitch.  Will work more on these when cool weather returns.  Going to try some loose and flowy ones for spring!

This is my first baby bowl...I know it looks like nothing above...because it's not cute unless filled haha.  Its a photography prop.  You place a 3 mos or under infant in it (nakie or close) and its instant cuteness.
So I don't have an infant on hand to demonstrate (why didn't I learn to knit earlier!) but Addi's Bitty Baby can sort of give you an idea...

Can't wait to try it with a REAL infant...any volunteers?  haha. 

And my first crochet attempt a very simple (yet WAY cute) 3 piece headband...

Not yet pictured: fuzzy socks (SO warm!), wrist warmers, mommy sized faux crochet hat, lots of simple beanie hats, baby headbands, etc;

Upcoming projects: baby blanket, baby dress (this is one I am afraid to start haha...its a BIG project!), more hats n bags (my favs!), and soon...the baby pouch.  Its a hanging cocoon like piece for photographing infants.

Thanks for looking!  More to come!


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