Saturday, May 22, 2010

No pix this time :) Just an update!

So whats new with our family lately?

Well Matt is keeping very busy at work and on the farm and has started the steps toward our new "addition"  ...a kitchen that is!  For any who don't know we currently are the NOT so proud owners of what I call the "hallway" kitchen.  It is not even wide enough for me to lay across the floor in haha...its old its tiny and its HORRID.  So thankfully we are ditching it!
Matt and our neighbor have the plans all drawn up (don't worry said neighbor is a pro haha), we have had the large tree just behind the house knocked down, and Matt just contacted the man who demolished our barn to see about him digging out the basement...
YES BASEMENT!!!!!  In addition to our lil kitchen it seems it would not take much more work (mostly just more $$) to create a small basement area under our new kitchen...this is BIG for us!  This house has NO storage!  YEAHHHH basement!

I have been keeping TOO busy with the kids of course and my attempts at photography and knitting.  I love them both, but have a LOT to learn! 

Mason completed one round of swimming lessons and is 3 weeks into round 2!  This time the teacher has us parents stay OUT of the room which I totally understand...but just makes my lil stinker act up because mommy is not there to stop him!  Makes me wonder how PreK will go in August! 
Yup Mason is getting ready to start PRESCHOOL!  Makes us feel old haha.  His 4th birthday is fast approaching and we are planning to have a party for him at a nearby park that is just beside the local pool and other fun things.  Hoping for a nice day!  Can't party here with no kitchen and possibly a large gaping hole in the backyard haha.

Addison learns something new everyday she is such a little firecracker!  She has added some new "words" to her vocabulary including: sit (which of course gets giggles from all grown ups since it is not said quite clearly haha), all done, bite (asking for a bite of food, not biting someone), etc; and can sign "more" and waves bye bye.  She LOVES her baby dolls and taking care of them definitely her fav thing right now.  I am going to knit her a couple lil blankets for them as she really likes to cover them up and put them night night...but the one toy blanket she has is NOT big enough!
She has also become quite the little monkey and if you don't watch she will be on something taller than you in a matter or moments!

Excited to say we booked our first camping trip for the summer!  Heading to Port Clinton again for the 4th of July (may become a tradition!) and will hopefully get to go to Put in Bay, the drive through Animal Safari, and maybe even Monsoon Lagoon!  (waterpark).

Also planning on camping in the Delaware/Columbus area on Fathers Day weekend and inviting the oldest nieces (Kayla and Tea) to join us!

Hoping for 2-3 other trips this summer in our lil camper as well, depending on how the kitchen situation goes!

Also we are all set up to go on vacation mid August to Ocean Isle with the Kopp fun!  Hahah...I can't WAIT to take pix of the kids on the beach!!!  Not so thrilled about the long drive with two young kids, but we CAN do it!


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